The AGOR Facility for Irradiations of Materials (AGORFIRM) at KVI-CART

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AGORFIRM is an activity of KVI-CART (KVI Center for Advanced Radiation Technology). KVI-CART is situated on the campus of the University of Groningen. The mission of KVI-CART is to perform basic research on subatomic and astroparticle physics and application-driven research on accelerator physics and physics in medicine. Central in the institute is the superconducting cyclotron AGOR.

AGORFIRM is a facility that uses a dedicated beam line of the AGOR cyclotron for irradiations with protons, alphas and heavier ions in air. The facility is available on a regular basis for radiation damage and radiobiology studies. This website gives an introduction to the irradiation facility and an overview of the various beams and services available.

Recently we have added a new capability to the services available, we now also offer Heavy Ion Beam Irradiations in Air with beams up to Xenon-124 with an energy per nucleon of 30 MeV/amu.
A pdf of a poster for the CAARI 2014 conference describing this new facility can be found below.

Poster CAARI 2014

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